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 Developer Documentation

This section provides documentation on how to write OpenFX plugins. Use it in conjunction with the user's guides, the program itself, the online help files and the source code documentation.

The second edition of the book Practical Algorithms for 3D Computer Graphics will contain a new chapter on the architecture of OpenFX's code. It will provide many helpful clues to finding your way through the source code and put into context the information below on how to develop your own plugins.

 Source Code Reference

The source code is documented in Doxygen format here: OpenFX code documentation...

Documentation of the source code is a work in progress and will be extended and improved over the coming months.

 Additional Documentation

Additional documentation that has been written in non-HTML format may be downloaded using the links below. This includes the compiled HTML help files that are distributed with OpenFX. They can be downloaded using some of the links below. Note that these will only work on Windows platforms. Also, they cannot be opened directly from a browser, they must be downloaded and opened from the file explorer.