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OpenFX 3D Modelling, Animation and Rendering package released!

The OpenFX Development Team (core@openfx.org) is pleased to announce
the first release of OpenFX under the terms of the GNU Public
License.  It is available for download from our website (http://openfx.org)


OpenFX consists of a suite of applications that provide advanced
3D modelling, animation, and rendering capabilities.

The feature set ranges from a full rendering and raytracing engine,
NURBS support, kinematics-based animation, morphing, procedural
textures, an extensive output plugin API for post-processing of
effects, and so forth.  A complete modelling and animation environment
is provided, and imports/exports from other popular 3D packages are
also present.

Some screenshots and example outputs are available from the OpenFX
gallery (http://openfx.org/gallery).  The full binary release also
bundles a large number of example models, animations and textures.


Currently, OpenFX works under the Win32 platform. Portions of OpenFX,
such as the renderer, are already easily portable to other platforms,
such as Linux, *BSD, or Solaris.


We provide a set of mailing lists for users and interested developers
to contact each other.  Full details have been posted to our website


OpenFX was authored by Dr. Stuart Ferguson (stuart@openfx.org),
from the Queen's University of Belfast, and he made the decision
to release the code under the terms of the GNU Public License. Anil
Madhavapeddy (anil@recoil.org) and Dominic Ludlam (dom@openfx.org)
helped to test and prepare this release.