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This page contains a list of plugins which can enhance the functionality of OpenFX. These are binary files containing code that will be used by OpenFX to perform tasks such as image preprocessing and model animation effects. The plugin libraries on this page are optional - they are not needed to run OpenFX. For a list of the plugins included in the official OpenFX distribution, please see our Plugin section.


Plugins can be written by anyone with a C compiler and a working knowledge of C and OpenFX. Tutorials of how to write a plugin will soon be available at our Development page. If you have written a plugin and would like it to be included on this page (or even in the official OpenFX distribution), please mail with the plugin libraries and a description of what each module does.

 Design plugins

Title Description Author Open Source
Convex Hull This implements the convex hull operation from the O'Rourke book as a design action. OpenFX Dev Team Yes
Metaspline This is a metashape modelling plugin. Rodney Butrymowicz Yes
OpenFX Plugins This provides support for the plugin actions in the designer modules. Install this module if you are getting 'Failed Library' messages from the designer. OpenFX Dev Team No
Trisect This is a smooth subdivide plugin. Rodney Butrymowicz Yes

 Import / Export plugins

Title Description Author Open Source
OpenFX Additions This provides model import and export functionality for the Stereo Lithography format (STL). OpenFX Dev Team No