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Shortcuts for Animator

Contributed By Keith Kelly

Function Keys Single Letter Shortcuts
F1Bring up the help menu for the current programASelect Actor
F2Snap cursor to ActorCActivate Camera
F3Snap cursor to CursorESpecial Effect
F4Reset Quad view windows; Shift-F4 for Single ViewFCamera Field of View
F5Global QuickdrawGShow Grid
F6Draw FullIImage Process all Frames
F7KShow keyframer
F8Info on ActorLSpotlight Cone
F9Crosswire/Crosshair Cursor ToggleMMove
F10Edit ModelPPan
F11Hide OpenGL Camera ViewRRotate
F12Quick RenderSScale
  TSpline Tween Mode
  VVertex Selector
  WWireframe Preview
  YPath Velocity
  [Goto First Frame
  ]Goto Last Frame
  <Previous Frame
  >Next Frame
  +Zoom In
  -Zoom Out


Ctrl+AInsert ActorCtrl+NNew AnimationCtrl+TOpen Template
Ctrl+DDesignerCtrl+OOpen AnimationCtrl+WViewer
Ctrl+FGoto Frame...Ctrl+PPrintCtrl+YFlic Player
Ctrl+GSnap to GridCtrl+QQuitCtrl+ZUndo
Ctrl+KDock KeyframerCtrl+RRepeat last RenderShift+F4Single View
Ctrl+LAnimation Length...Ctrl+SSaveShift+F11Refresh OpenGL Camera View

Tools Related Shortcuts

Actor Selector - Right clicking the mouse will start the Actor Selector.

Pan - Double clicking on Pan will center the View on the point that it was at before the last Pan or Zoom operation.

Zoom - Double clicking on Zoom will Make the animation zoom to fit the views.

Move - Double clicking on Move will make a pop-up menu that will allow movements of specific amounts.

Rotate - Double clicking rotate will make a pop-up menu that will allow rotations of specific amounts. Direction rotates normal to the Z-Axis. Elevation rotates normal to the X-Axis. Pitch rotates normal to the Y-Axis.

Scale - Double clicking Scale will make a pop-up menu that will allow scales of specific amounts.

Render - Ctrl-R does a Render with all the currently selected options.