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 Image Post Processor Effects

  • Blur
    • Blurs the screen to simulate Motion Blur.
  • Depth of Field
    • Simulates photographic depth of field.
  • Filter
    • Changes the color of all pixels after the rendering is complete.
  • Lens Flare
    • Simulates the effects of lights flaring in the lens of a camera
  • Fog
    • Simulates fog and haze.
  • Glow
    • Adds a glow to any pixels with a key color.
  • Halo
    • Adds a halo around lights.
  • Hilite
    • Adds a hilite for lights.
  • Lasers
    • Simulates the appearance of a laser beam.
  • Starfield
    • Generates a scrolling starfield.
  • Stars
    • Creates the effect of a starfield in an animation.
  • SuperNova
    • Simulates the effect of a star going supernova.
  • Trails
    • Leaves a trail behind for all models that move in a animation.
  • Video
    • Offers 24 different video effects.
  • Xvideo
    • Offers 26 additional different video effects.

There are also two special image processors.

  • Fireballs
    • This plugin XFX image processor adds the capability to generate fractal fireballs and explosions. This is an animated XFX image processor and its appearance changes over a range of frames. Therefore, although it can be added as a global effect, it is best used as an Image Effects (F/X) object (Actor).
  • Atmospherics
    • Allows you to create atmospheric effects such as volumetric lighting, shadowing and fog using a number of configuration options.

 Animation Physical Effects

  • Build Effect
    • Builds a model towards the camera over a range of frames.
  • Buildto Effect
    • Builds a model face by face from thin air and builds it towards the camera.
  • Dissolve Effect
    • Makes a model become transparent gradually, until it disappears.
  • Explode Effect
    • As you might expect, makes a model explode! You can set the center of the detonation, decide whether the pieces should fall under gravity or not, whether they should tumble, and more.
  • Fall Effect
    • Makes a model fall down under the force of gravity. The bouncing behavior and elasticity are fully adjustable.
  • Flap Effect
    • A simultaneous combination of the Wave and Modulate effects.
  • Modulate Effect
    • Passes a wave through the specified axis of the model and moves the vertices radially outward.
  • Shake Effect
    • Makes the model shake from its bottom to its top.
  • Spring Effect
    • Makes an actor with a costume compress inward upon itself and then fling off at high speed.
  • Squash Effect
    • Compresses or expands an actor's costume in a specified direction. Unlike a simple scaling motion, the Squash effect causes the model to bulge outward, like a rubber ball.
  • Twist Effect
    • Twists or untwists an actor's costume around the specified axis.
  • Unbuild Effect
    • Takes the model apart face-by-face until nothing remains.
  • Warp Effect
    • Makes a model warp out of view or into view.
  • Wave Effect
    • Makes a model undulate under the force of a wave.

 Utility Plugins

These plugins include operations such as decimation, triangulation and subdivision. Documentation for them is not available at the moment, but watch this space!