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A typical view of the modelling module, viewing a fire-hose nozzle. The view on the top-right is a real-time OpenGL preview of the module using default lighting and camera angles. The rest are wireframe views from different angles. Also notice the menu open on the bottom right. Gallery picture

Gallery picture In this screenshot, a 'quick render' has been performed, and the OpenGL preview on the top right has had a render performed within it with the default options enabled.

This screen shows the new image map editing window that allows the current image map mapping to be adjusted interactively. When a group of vertices is seleted and this tool is started the location of the vertex (defined by its horizontal and vertical image map coordinates is preseted as a dot in a picture of the image map. Face edges are represented as lines in the image. By dragging the vertices around a fine positioning of the image map may be obtained. In version 2.3 of OpenFX the control over selection of vertices is extended and selected vertices can be moved, scaled or rotated. (This gives greater control over image map placement. It is especially useful for making figure models for character animation.) Gallery picture