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Once you have downloaded the package, the .dll and .afx files need to be extracted using a tool such as WinZip and placed in the plugins directory inside the directory that you installed OpenFX (eg. C:\OpenFX\plugins\). The DLLs are the libraries that execute the actions and the AFX files contain the text used in the Plugin Actions submenu of the Actions menu.


OfxPlugins provides the missing designer module actions. This includes support for shrink wrapping and building objects from implicit mathematical functions.

This plugin contains 6 plugins:

  • blobby.dll (known as shrink wrap)
    This does blobby modelling around basic OFX shapes like points lines or faces.

  • decimate.dll
    Cuts out a large number of faces edges and vertices making the model smaller, it is much better than the other build in the "Simplify" action but is less forgiving.

  • implicit.dll
    Makes a shape based on an implicit function - not very useful just a torus for now, the source code is more useful as a guide for people writing plugins (the source was included with the original OpenFX source).

  • isosurf.dll
    This plots surface contours for a function in the Visualisation Toolkit format. You will need access to the VTK to use this.

  • quadric.dll
    This generates shaps based on a quadric equation, and you can change the equation to build some mathematical shapes.

  • shrink.dll
    This breaks up the model into individual faces and reduces their size. Try it on the 3Frame model to see its effect. Might be useful for generating explosions.