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step 1 Step 1

Start Designer select 'Insert Primitive' from the tool bar and create an object.
step 2 Step 2

It's always a good idea to colour each piece of geometry to help with identifying it later. To access the materials attributes press F8 or go to attributes > materials setting in the menu bar. Then deselect the newly created geometry by pressing Ctrl+D.
step 3 Step 3

Create another object, move it by pressing m or selecting the move tool on the tool bar so that it intersects the first object you made. This new object will be the tool object for the boolean process. Don't forget to give it a new colour in the materials editor. Leave this object selected for the time being.
step 4 Step 4

In the Actions menu select Boolean.
step 5 Step 5

For a subtractive Boolean leave all the setting as they are and press OK.

Tutorial written by Andrew Heyworth

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